The penis of an unknown man turns into a bone

It all started when an unknown 63-year-old New Yorker slipped and fell unsuccessfully onto the asphalt. Although he did not feel any serious pain, the man, fearing for his health, nevertheless turned to the ambulance. His knee was aching and there was a slight discomfort in his groin, but neither swelling nor discharge was observed.

Doctors decided to do a pelvic x-ray to immediately rule out the threat of broken or cracked bones. However, one very unexpected circumstance was discovered in the process. It turned out that the man’s penis literally ... becomes stiff. Along the soft tissues, an “extensive plaque-like calcification region” was formed, that is, in other words, bone tissue was growing there.

Georges El Hasbani of the American University of Beirut said this was an “extremely rare” condition. In total, science knows less than 40 officially documented cases of ossification of the penis. Most often, it is a consequence of Peyronie's disease, in which the formation of internal scar tissue bends the organ. Over time, calcium salts accumulate in the tissues - sometimes this happens during cancer, kidney disease, or thyroid gland.

Forecasts of doctors are very disappointing: an extensive bone formation threatens erectile dysfunction for the rest of his life. But we will never know whether it was possible to heal the patient: after hearing the diagnosis, he, despite the doctors' persuasion, left the clinic and no longer sought medical help.


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