Pegasus XL rocket and other awesome photos

Into orbit from under the wing

In December, Orbital ATK's Pegasus XL rocket launched eight ultra-small spacecraft into the Cyclone Global Navigation Satellite System (CYGNSS) meteorological research system. A 23-ton rocket was mounted below on the fuselage of the L-1011 Stargazer aircraft (Stargazer), from which it separated at an altitude of about 12, 000 m above the Atlantic Ocean, after which it switched on marching engines. After eight minutes of flight, all the vehicles entered the calculated orbit at an altitude of 500 km above the Earth. The CYGNSS system was developed at NASA to more accurately predict the occurrence of hurricanes and assess their strength. Photos of the "Starship", which acted as the first booster stage, were made from the cockpit that accompanied the F-18 mission.

Three in the submarine

Ortega introduced a revolutionary underwater vehicle to the public. Triple personal submarine Mk. 1C has incorporated all the latest achievements of military and naval technology. Ultra-compact submarine with a length of only 6.5 m is powered by two electric motors with a capacity of 10 kW, which allow you to reach a speed of 17 km / h on the surface and more than 20 km / h under water. One full battery charge is enough for 148 km of track. Also on Mk. 1C installed all conceivable navigation and rescue equipment - magnetometer, sonar, infrared camera for detecting obstacles and emergency radio station. The maximum diving depth of the submarine is 95 m.

Record snail

The massive proliferation of electric motorcycles, as well as electric vehicles, has until recently been hindered by the power reserve problem. And if car manufacturers more or less decided it, then a truly “long-range” electric bike did not appear on the market for a long time. Johammer took the matter seriously by offering customers a Johammer J1 model with a record range of more than 200 km. Its main highlight is the unique chassis design. The pendulum suspension is used both at the rear and at the front, and the chassis is as low as possible - the center of gravity of the motorcycle is only 350 mm from the ground. Many will like the original retro-design of the Johammer J1 fairing - the motorcycle resembles a surprised snail peeking out of its shell.

Dinner is served

Food delivery service Just Eat has announced the launch of wheeled robotic couriers developed by Starship Technologies. Last summer, cute cars got a test run in London - they covered more than 8, 000 km without any incidents. According to the developers, during the tests in the city, people preferred to ignore robots, and only a small part of the passers-by showed interest in them. Small autonomous devices have cameras on board that allow you to monitor the environment. If necessary, operators from the command center can take control. The compartment containing the cargo is equipped with a special combination lock, and the code for opening it is transmitted to the client by electronic message.

The article “Slideshow” was published in the magazine “Popular Mechanics” (No. 2, February 2017).


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