Parker probe approached record distance to the Sun

NASA Parker Solar Probe in an artistic presentation

NASA reported that on Monday evening, the Parker Solar Probe approached the Sun a record distance, breaking the record set by Helios 2 in 1976, amounting to 42.73 million kilometers. At the same time, Parker, as expected, will again and again surpass its own records: for example, in the next seven years it will change many orbits around the Sun and, within one of the rendezvous, should be about 6.16 million km from the star.

In addition, NASA said that Parker Solar Probe has also developed a record heliocentric speed (speed relative to the Sun), also surpassing the Helios 2 record of 246.960 km / h. According to the plans, Parker will develop an ever higher speed in the future and will reach a speed of approximately 692, 000 km / h in 2024.

Parker Solar Probe was launched on August 12, 2018. Recently, the device sent a picture of the Earth, taken at a distance of approximately 43 million km.


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