Overmasking: the robot changes color like a chameleon

For this, the body of the chameleon robot, printed on a 3D printer, the Chinese equipped with sensors and plasmon displays.

Plasmon displays are glass plates, on the surface of which there are recesses with a diameter of 50 nanometers.

These depressions have a two-layer coating: a thin layer of gold and an electrolytic gel with silver ions.

When exposed to light, a thin layer of gold emits plasmons and looks reddish, and if voltage is applied to the electrolytic gel, silver ions are attracted to gold, changing its color.

Thus, by means of the applied voltage, it is possible to easily control the visible color of the display.

The prototype of the chameleon robot uses sensors that can distinguish only three basic colors: red, green and blue.

However, Chinese scientists plan to soon make more sophisticated sensors that can detect more colors.

The technology can be very popular among the military for camouflage of military equipment and new generation camouflage.


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