Origami robot folding in a wheel, ship and even a glider

The outer frame, or exoskeleton, of the robot is made in the form of origami. The developers describe 4 exoskeletons, each of which is made of a plastic sheet that folds into a previously defined shape when heated. So, there is a frame in the form of a boat, there is - in the form of a glider; another turns the robot into a wheel; the latter is for walking. Each exoskeleton is put, in turn, on a bot under the name "Primer". This is not a robot familiar to us, but rather a small magnetic cube remotely controlled by magnetic fields.

As co-author of the work, Daniela Ras (Daniela Rus), noted, it is not very effective to use different robots in each task. Scientists, as Ras continues, managed to expand the capabilities of a single device by providing it with various “accessories” in various situations.

Researchers suggest that this approach in the future can be used to create multifunctional robots; for example, a device to study Mars, which will change exoskeletons to perform various tasks.

The scientific work was published in the journal Science Robotics.

I wonder how a nuclear reactor works and can robots build a house?

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