Offensive machines: Iskin defeated fighter pilot

The artificial intelligence developed by Psibernetix demonstrated that it can not only defeat other AIs, but also a professional fighter pilot with many years of experience. In a series of test combat simulations, the AI ​​not only successfully avoided all attacks of Air Force Colonel Gene Lee, but also shot him down in every attempt. Lee called it “the most aggressive, efficient, dynamic, and convincing artificial intelligence I've ever seen.”

Behind Colonel Lee is a huge number of sorties, and in addition, he has been testing artificial pilot programs for several years, but the last experimental was completely different. “I was surprised how consciously he acted. He seemed to know about my intentions, instantly reacted to any changes. He perfectly understood how to get away from a rocket and instantly switched from defense to attack. ”

A new AI named ALPHA was developed specifically for aerial combat. His secret lies in the decision-making system called the genetic tree with fuzzy logic, a subtype of algorithms with fuzzy logic. The system approaches the solution of problems almost like a person, says ALPHA creator Nick Ernest, breaking large tasks into smaller ones. By considering only relevant variables, the AI ​​is able to make complex decisions at an incredible speed. As a result, ALPHA can calculate the best maneuvers in a complex, dynamic environment 250 times faster than any person.

The latest test results are published in the Journal of Defense Management.


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