November super moon: the largest moon in 68 years

October super moon was on October 16, and the next one will happen on the night of November 14-15. The November super moon is the most important not only in 20156, but also in general over the past 68 years: mankind last observed the larger moon in 1948. The next time such a chance will appear only in 2034, warns NASA.

The full moon happens every month when the Sun, the Earth and the Moon line up on one straight line so that the sun's rays illuminate the entire surface of the moon for the earth observer. And the super moon occurs when the full moon is at perigee - the point of the lunar orbit closest to Earth. In super moon, the moon looks on average 14% larger and shines 30% brighter than usual.

But the December super moon will deprive the earthlings of the heavenly show: it will not be too bright and unusual, but moonlight will not allow to find the meteor shower of Geminids in the sky.


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