WhatsApp found a way to read someone else’s correspondence

As a cybersecurity specialist with the pseudonym Awakened found out, a potential victim can be attacked using a malicious GIF file. As soon as the user opens such a “gif”, hackers get the opportunity to watch multimedia files and messages on their device. If the number of the attacker is in the victim’s notebook, the image will be downloaded automatically, without the need for user confirmation. The

10 reasons iPhone 6s are better than iPhone 8 and iPhone X

The fact that Apple is still selling the iPhone 6S, a two-year-old phone, is evidence of how good this phone is. As a rule, after the release of a new generation model, Apple offers only its previous version. However, if you use the official website of the company and compare the technical specifications of the iPhone 8 or iPhone X with the 6S model, you can see that smartphones are actually very similar

Gas turbine tank unified with T-90

The upgraded T-80BVM tank was equipped with the same fire control system as the T-90 and T-72B3 tanks. According to TASS, citing a special representative of Uralvagonzavod for military-technical cooperation Alexei Maslov, this decision was made with the aim of unifying the products. “And without the T-80 Russia is impossible, because it was created for the north, ” said Maslov. Up

The return of Tamagotchi: the toy will go on sale in the summer

The novelty will go on sale in late summer and, judging by the cost of pre-ordering on Amazon, nostalgic fans will cost no less than $ 60 (3, 900 rubles). Toy Tamagotchi On is undergoing preliminary testing in some Western and Japanese publications, so details about the gameplay and technical characteristics of the device are known

Android discovered a dangerous vulnerability

According to RIA Novosti, the vulnerability CVE-2019−2215 is contained in the Android kernel code and can be used to completely crack the device. However, for its penetration into the system, it is necessary to install infected software. “A bug is a local privilege escalation vulnerability that allows complete hacking of a vulnerable device. ..

GMO plants have proven beneficial to humans

This was the conclusion of a group of scientists from Pakistan, Germany and the United States, studying the health status of farmers growing transgenic cotton with the Bt gene obtained from the DNA of the soil bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis. Researchers described the results of their work in an article for PLOS One magazine

The blackest paint can now be bought

The blackest man-made material in the world is called Vantablack. This miracle paint based on nanotubes absorbs up to 99.6% of the light incident on it. Because of this, it is impossible to understand what shape the object painted in Vantablack is - both that which is in the shade and that which is lit more strongly are equally black

How the bullet ant stings, the most dangerous ant in the world

The ant-bullet got his nickname for the sting. Its length reaches 3.5 mm, the length of the poison reservoir is 1.9 mm (diameter 1 mm) and between them a duct 3 mm long. On the Schmidt sting force scale, the ant-pool is assigned the 4+ index, there is nothing worse in the insect world. For example, a honeybee bite has an index of 2

Created battery with an energy density of 7 times higher than that of a lithium-ion battery

The main advantage of the new type of battery over existing lithium-ion is the energy density. For a lithium-carbon dioxide source of current, it is 1876 watts per hour per kg of mass, which is 7 times higher than that of a lithium-ion battery, Advanced Materials reports. In work on a lithium carbon dioxide battery, researchers were able to solve the main problem of such batteries - a small number of recharge cycles

A previously unknown duckbill dinosaur has been described.

ICRA Art Hadrosaurids were the most common herbivorous dinosaurs at the end of the Mesozoic era. Recently, scientists have described a new genus and species of hadrosaurids, or duckbill dinosaurs; the dinosaur described by the skull and some other bones found (back in the 1980s in Big Bend - the US national park in southwest Texas) was called Aquilarhinus palimentus

The mysterious "fox cat" may be a new look

This is a cat, which the locals nicknamed ghjattuvolpe - which means "fox cat". Over the past decade, scientists have been trying to learn more about this mysterious animal. Recently, according to ScienceAlert, employees of the French National Hunting and Wildlife Office (ONCFS) presented a work according to which this cat living in Corsica is a new, previously unknown species

The largest data leak occurred at Sberbank

According to Kommersant, the announcement of the sale of the "fresh base of a large bank" appeared last weekend at one of the specialized forums. Sellers of the database claim that it contains personal information about the owners of 60 million Sberbank credit cards - both active and closed (today the bank has about 18 million active cards)

Tunguska meteorite turned out to be a weighty wonder

Every day, many small particles of extraterrestrial matter burning in the atmosphere fall on our planet. The fall of meteorites is larger, on the order of kilograms, happens less often, but also often - about a thousand times a year. Neither one nor the other is a threat to us. Very rarely - once every hundreds of millions of years - dozens of kilometers of asteroids fall to Earth

The penis of an unknown man turns into a bone

It all started when an unknown 63-year-old New Yorker slipped and fell unsuccessfully onto the asphalt. Although he did not feel any serious pain, the man, fearing for his health, nevertheless turned to the ambulance. His knee was aching and there was a slight discomfort in his groin, but neither swelling nor discharge was observed

F-35 fighters lost invisibility to radar

Hensoldt, a radar company, said its TwInvis passive radar (radar) was able to spot a pair of Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II aircraft at a distance of 150 km. This happened during an air show in Berlin, reports C4ISRNET. At the same time, Popular Mechanics notes that it is too early to talk about the effectiveness of using TwInvis in combat conditions

Why the web is five times stronger than steel: scientists have finally found the answer

Strong networks Web owner - formidable and extremely poisonous brown hermit spider To find out why the web has become five times stronger than steel, scientists have studied the strings that the poisonous spider Loxosceles reclusa produces to create nets and containers for laying eggs. When a spider bites with incredibly long paws, a person develops loxoselism - inflammation, and then gangrene scabs from dying tissues at the site of the bite

The woman lived 70 years with a cherry in her nose

According to the Moscow Department of Health, the patient herself had no complaints, but during her life she had regular mucopurulent discharge from her nose, which she did not attach any importance to. Doctors examined the patient and prescribed surgery. Under the control of endoscopic technique under local anesthesia, the formation was detected and removed from the nasal cavity

What would Pripyat look like without a Chernobyl accident

After the explosion at the fourth power unit of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, three kilometers from the city over Pripyat, precipitation from relatively long-lived radioactive elements took place. Radioactive dust infected houses, trees, soil. Empty buildings are gradually in disrepair and are being destroyed

Unusual "green" skyscraper will be built in Singapore

Bjarke Ingels Group + VMW The skyscraper is planned as a multi-purpose building. A public park will be located on the ground floor, in which there will be available spaces for sports, art installations and various events, reports New Atlas. Through it, it will be possible to exit to the large, open space City Room reaching a height of 19 meters

A mysterious meteorite brought down a hail of fragments

On Wednesday, July 24, residents of the Great Lakes region witnessed an exciting spectacle: a huge flaming meteor swept through the evening sky. This fireball was seen by many, including the All-Sky Network of Western Ontario Universities. The most interesting thing is that, apparently, fragments of this meteorite fell to the ground, and now they can be found

The lost Apollo mission module can be found after 50 years

NASA / JCL Snoopy Chralie Brown Module The Snoopy search began in 2011. Astronomers, volunteers and students studied a huge amount of data collected by telescopes, and even now, as noted, it cannot be said for certain that the object they identified is really a long-lost NASA capsule, ScienceAlert reports

Brabus has put V12 in the new Gelendvagen

15 years ago, Brabus released a tuning modification of the Gelika called G V12, and now the time has come for a new generation. The Brabus G V12 900 shown in Frankfurt received a thoroughly upgraded M279 biturbo engine. He increased the volume from 6.0 to 6.3 liters, put more powerful turbochargers, new pistons, connecting rods, crankshaft, intake and exhaust manifolds

Automobile gasoline learned to make waste

Audi, which set a goal by 2025 to achieve a 30% reduction in carbon emissions, has developed low-carbon gasoline for this purpose. Aral’s partner in the project was Aral, a fuel and engine oil manufacturer. The new type of gasoline is half composed of high-quality renewable components derived from waste.

The most powerful computer got ... wheels

According to Acer, to date, their new Predator Orion 9000 is the most powerful in the world available for free sale. And this is quite true: the computer is equipped with an Intel Core i9 Extreme Edition processor with 18 cores, as well as 128 GB of DDR4 memory. The computer allows you to install up to four AMD Radeon RX Vega graphics cards or two NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080Ti in SLI mode

The crews of “Almaty” will turn into gamers

“Armata” is a completely new design solution. For tankers there are completely new conditions for warfare. By and large, they become "gamers." The crew sees everything, but using instruments. We used to look at the commander’s triplex and sight. Here the psychology for the tanker will be completely different - they will have to trust the instruments, "said Army General Alexei Maslov, special representative of the Uralvagonzavod Corporation for military-technical cooperation. The

Another Indo-Pakistani war will block the Second World War

What could be the price of this application? Scientists from the USA tried to answer this question. According to their estimates, both countries together now have from 400 to 500 nuclear warheads, with a capacity of 12 to several hundred kilotons. This assessment should be treated with reasonable skepticism, since real data, of course, is classified in both countries

Civilization VI announced for PS4 and Xbox One

According to The Verge, Sid Meier's Civilization VI, first released in 2016, for PCs, will be released on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles on November 22 of this year. Earlier, the sixth part of the famous game series was ported to the iPad (in 2017; in 2018, the iOS version as a whole appeared) and to the Nintendo Switch (in 2018)

The highest skyscraper in Western Europe will be built in the Danish town

Dorte Mandrup / Mir We are talking about the Tower & Village skyscraper, which plans to build the company Dorte Mandrup. Its height is expected to be 320 meters, making it the tallest skyscraper in Western Europe (higher than the current record holder - The Shard skyscraper in London, reaching a length of about 310 meters)

Giant bees discovered that no one has seen for more than 100 years

Huge, four times more than ordinary honey bees, black insects are most similar to the gangsters of the bee world. Surprisingly, here are the very first photos of the giant Wallace bee (Megachile pluto), since since 1981 these creatures have been literally lost to science. How such large insects managed to hide from people, no one understands

First interstellar comet discovered

The speed of C / 2019 Q4 (Borisov) is too high for the comet to stay with us. According to the message of the Center for Small Planets of the International Astronomical Union, the specialists were able to calculate the parameters of the comet’s orbit using the available data. It turned out that she does not have a closed elliptical orbit, the comet moves along a hyperbolic trajectory and will leave the solar system in the foreseeable time.