New Year's selection of gifts from Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels city mega garage

The large and beautiful Mega Garage HotWheels set is a toy with which the child will never be bored! After all, this is not only car parking, but also an exciting two-lane track with a springboard. Two cars are placed in a special booth at once. You need to twist the handle, and a toy elevator will deliver cars to the top of the garage. And so that the cars at full speed move out of a steep track with a springboard, just click on a special button.

In the garage you can store up to 50 cars. The kit is equipped with a convenient carrying handle, so you can always take it with you for a walk or to visit, so that you can have fun races with your friends.

Age 3+

Hot Wheels Unimaginable Tower

This is the biggest garage from Hot Wheels! Its height is almost one meter and it can accommodate more than 140 cars - you can play for hours! Your child will be delighted with the automatic lift, which is capable of transporting 23 cars at once, and you can play simultaneously in different zones.

You need to be careful, because the formidable gorilla can climb to the top of the tower and sweep away all the cars from the lift! With this game kit it will be fun to play both alone and with a large group of friends! The “Unimaginable Tower” kit also includes a large jet plane, which can accommodate 2 Hot Wheels at once. The child will be able to circle over the city and land on his own roof platform.

Age 3+

Hot Wheels City Unimaginable Garage

The child will be crazy about happiness, because the new garage from Hot Wheels holds more than 90 cars and has unlimited potential for exciting obstacle racing!

Your child’s imagination will develop during the game: in order not to be eaten by a shark, you need to drive cars through a double dead loop and return to the city of Hot Wheels! The high-speed elevator is designed for two cars and works from a simple click of a button. At the bottom of the garage, children can repair and refuel cars at the service center. But that's not all! In the garage there are several points of connection with other sets of Hot Wheels to create your own city!

Age 3+

Hot Wheels' Shark Fight Set

It's time to do some cool racing with Hot Wheels City! The main thing is not to fall into the jaws of a dangerous shark! Give your child a great gift in the form of a game set Hot Wheels "Fight with a shark." During the game, the boy will be able to develop imagination, imagination and fine motor skills.

Hot Wheels are more than just racing! The ability to quickly ride and perform maneuvers is not enough, because you need to have time to slip past the shark. The track is easily assembled with the help of special locks on the edges, it consists of a starting device, a track, a shark's head, a gate and a cave. To start the competition, you just need to start the machine using the starting device. Age 5+

Hot Wheels unimaginable car wash

Hot Wheels' new Invisible Car Wash game set is a real thrilling adventure. A young racer needs to escape from a swirling whirlpool while avoiding the jaws of a giant crocodile. The journey begins with a huge lift that delivers cars to the very top. For the machine to change color, you need to wash it. To do this, turn the tap on the water tower!

It’s time to go further down the crazy road through the moving brushes and rollers of the car wash - straight into the turbulent whirlpool, where the machine will again change its color! Children will have to use all their ingenuity to get out of the whirlpool, rush past the terrible teeth of a crocodile and rush on to new amazing adventures.

In a set:

  • Car wash with water tanks, traps and intimidating crocodile
  • 1 machine that changes color depending on the temperature of the water

Age 3+

Hot Wheels City Car Wash

With a new automated washing from Hot Wheels, the child will always have something to do, because so many cars want to be clean! First, the car calls on a special lift, where it needs to be washed with warm water. After washing, it will change color! Then the car passes through the rollers, which wash away the remains of contaminants from it. And in the cold water tank the machine is finally cleaned and changes its color again. With this set it will be fun to play both alone and with a large group of friends.

Age 3+

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