New Rubik's Cube Speed ​​Record: Video

The previous record belonged to 15-year-old American Patrick Pons and was 4.69 seconds. Now, however, the record was broken - by Felix Zemdegs - at the Cube For Camodia 2018 event, held May 6 in Melbourne, Australia. The 22-year-old Australian already owned a record for the speed of assembly of the Rubik's Cube - in 2016 - amounting to 4.73 seconds, until the time was interrupted by Pons. Now Zemdeges managed to set a new record time - 4.22 seconds.

This is surprisingly fast, but the robots cope with assembling the Rubik's Cube - as you might guess - much faster. So, recently we wrote about how a robot created by specialists Ben Katz and Jared Di Carlo collected a Rubik's cube in a record 0.38 seconds.

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