The new "Gelendvagen" climbed the "Mountain of Legends"

Contrary to the widespread prejudice among the townsfolk that the new Gelendvagenes, especially in the AMG versions, never leave the asphalt, we went to Sochi to open an off-road track called “Mountain of Legends” to frolic there in the new generation G-class !

In early July of this year, Mercedes-Benz opened the first and only in Russia its own off-road track called “Mountain of Legends”, built specifically for testing the new G-class. It was created in the image and likeness of the special Mercedes-Benz test track on Mount Schöckl, which is located near the factory for the production of legendary SUVs Gelandewagen in the Austrian city of Graz. The new “Legends Mountain” track is located at an altitude of 960 meters in the Gorki Gorod ski resort in Krasnaya Polyana in Sochi.

"Mountain of Legends" is presented as an ideal place where everyone can experience the remarkable off-road capabilities of "Gelendvagen." The route includes both relatively simple and extreme sections at an altitude of up to 1370 meters. For example, the G-class is able to demonstrate the movement uphill with a slope of up to 80% on the ascent and up to 80% on the downhill, with the exit angle of 30 °, the angle of entry - 31 °, and the angle of lateral tipping up to 35 °. Well, of course, from the windows of "Gelika" at the same time you can admire the breathtaking mountain landscapes and waterfalls.

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But the protagonist of this event is, of course, the new Gelandewagen in person. Although only fans or experienced helikovods like me can distinguish it from the outside, this is a completely new car. At first glance, everything seemed to remain the same: an angular body, round headlights, door handles with a button, protruding side moldings, “ears” on the rear pillars and “warts” of the turn signals on the front wings. And loops! And if you take a closer look, it becomes clear that the proportions have slightly changed, the nose has become longer (overall length has increased by 53 mm), and the body is wider by 121 mm. The old corners were rounded, the glass became glued and now not flat, but barely noticeably bent.

I didn’t like the lighting technology - the lights became smaller and amid massive sidewalls they simply get lost, and the running lights in the form of rings look very playful for a brutal SUV. But the gaps between the body panels became noticeably smaller - before you could insert a finger between them. Smooth transitions between surfaces appeared, and bumpers and wheel arch extensions do not look like separate parts anymore. The gutter along the roof is now plastic - the external trunk, if necessary, is now screwed not to it, but to the special brackets in the roof, which are hidden under the caps.


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