New OptiGrill from Tefal: Become a Steak Professional!

Meet OptiGrill - the first grill in the world, designed to turn the usual idea of ​​the process of cooking meat! Thick and well-fried, tender meat with blood or a medium-sized steak - the new electric grill itself determines the desired degree of frying and provides for any of them a perfect result. With the new Tefal grill, a simple steak becomes a true work of art worthy of the highest ratings!

The unique patented OptiGrill technology has an ultra-sensitive sensor that allows you to measure the thickness of the steak and determine the optimal time for frying it. The degree of meat readiness is displayed on a circular display: a color indication (from “cold” blue to “hot” red) visualizes the cooking process, and an audible signal at the end of each stage indicates that the required level of cooking is achieved. With OptiGrill, cooking meat is a truly fascinating process, creative and super-technological.

At the same time, Tefal took care not only of meat lovers - the new grill is universal and has 6 automatic programs (“meat”, “poultry”, “fish”, “bacon”, “sausages” and “burgers”), the option “defrost”, and also "manual" mode with a fixed temperature. Zucchini and tomatoes, eggplant and potatoes - experiment with the ingredients and surprise others with a bright and rich taste of grilled dishes!

You can cook on the OptiGrill 4 servings of steak at the same time. Thanks to Tefal's signature coating, all dishes are cooked without adding oil, and the removable plates are easy to clean in the dishwasher.

Dinner with your family, a picnic with friends in the fresh air or a festive table for the arrival of guests - just choose your degree of roasting, and the new OptiGrill will surprise you with an unsurpassed result. With it you can enjoy impeccably cooked meat all year round!

The price of the OptiGrill electric grill is 14, 999 rubles.

Tefal - you can’t do without your ideas!


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