NASA Announces Press Conference Thursday

The press conference will be held by Paul Herz, NASA Astrophysics Division Head, Christopher Schallou, Google AI Senior Developer, Andrew Vanderberg, University of Texas Astronomer (Carl Sagan Exoplanet Search Fellow), and Jesse Dotson, Member of the Kepler Team. Questions to scientists can be asked on Twitter during a conference with the tag #askNASA; live broadcast will be here.

Judging by the fact that we will talk about Kepler’s data and the composition of the speakers, we’ll talk about new exoplanets or new information about previously discovered ones. Last year, at a press conference, NASA representatives spoke about the discovery of the planetary system around the star Trappist-1, consisting of seven planets, three of which are in the habitable zone.

The Kepler Space Telescope is one of the main tools for finding exoplanets. Since 2009, his photometer detects changes in the luminosity and polarization of light of distant stars; according to the characteristic fluctuations of the graphs, scientists conclude that exoplanets exist. For eight years of operation, the data of the telescope made it possible to detect more than two thousand exoplanets and some other space objects.


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