The most durable material in the world

Carbin is an allotropic form of carbon based on sp hybridization of carbon atoms. It was obtained under artificial conditions from long chains of carbon atoms stacked parallel to each other. Carbin is a linear carbon polymer; in its molecule, carbon atoms can be joined in chains in turn, triple and single bonds, or double bonds. Due to the instability of this type of chain of carbon atoms, no one has previously succeeded in “building” a carbine fragment with a length of more than 100 atoms.

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Austrian physicists have developed a technique that allows not only to create stable samples of carbine, but also to establish its mass production in the future. By combining two sheets of graphene and placing them in carbon nanotubes, scientists were able to obtain stable chains of carbine with a length of over 6400 atoms. The electrical bonds in the carbine increase with the length of the chains, therefore, the longer the chains, the more stable the material.

The experiments with carbine will be continued and ultramodern material, possibly in the future will be applied even on an industrial scale.

Recall how carbin was first investigated:

Investigated the properties of carbine - the most durable material


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