The most disgusting color in the world will help in the fight against smoking

According to the color matching system, this is the Pantone 448C. According to a Smithsonian article, an Australian user experience agency interviewed more than 1, 000 smokers between the ages of 16 and 84 and found that this color caused the most negative reactions in most respondents. They said that they associate it with dirt, death and tar. Therefore, the Australian authorities decided that this color will now be standard for cigarette packs and packages.

In May, the same law was passed in the UK. According to it, Pantone 448C will be the main color for 60% of cigarette packages, and tobacco brands will be able to use only standard fonts, sizes and text layouts.

This decision was again dictated by Australian research. Back in 2008, the Tobacco Control Association found that packs of brown flowers with simple lettering and small prints are less attractive to consumers than packaging with a large brand name.


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