The most beautiful motorcycles: Arlen Ness

It is interesting that Ness did not sell a significant part of the motorcycles to his work, but left it to himself - today, on the basis of his custom workshop, there is a small museum where the most famous cars are exhibited. Today, the business is run by Arlene's son, Corey Ness. In addition to custom manufacturing, the Ness family sells motorcycle equipment, parts and finished Victory and Indian motorcycles.

1999 year. Arrow Bike - an art deco bike; Arlene was inspired by 1930s cars.

1995 year. Ness-Stalgia. Retro bike in the style of the 50s. The visual design base was the 1957 Chevvrolet Bel Air.

2005 year. Jet bike For many years, Ness wanted to build a jet motorcycle. The resulting Jet Bike is driven by an old helicopter turbine purchased at a sale and rebuilt.

1999 year. Half & Half. The nostalgic motorcycle that Arlen built in memory of the first custom created by him in the 1970s.

1995 year. Smooth-Ness became an allusion to the classic Bugatti Art Deco era.

1990, Ness Cafe. The name of the motorcycle uses a pun, but this is not a publicity stunt, but the creator’s initiative. The base of the bike is Harley-Davidson XR 1000.

1999, Avon Bike. But this is an advertising bike, designed to demonstrate the benefits of a wide rear tire of a new form factor, just that year introduced by Avon.

2004, Top Banana. The huge motorcycle was made by Ness practically from scratch, without using the existing base. Customizers make such bikes quite rarely, since this requires serious labor costs.

1990, Ferrari Bike. In the mid-1980s, Ness visited the Ferrari factory and for three years, from 1987 to 1990, he created a motorcycle that could be produced by the famous Italian company, if at all, made two-wheeled vehicles.

1977 year. Untouchable is Arlen Ness's first custom bike. Based on the 1963 Harley-Davidson Knucklehead, bought by Arlen for $ 300.

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