In the Moscow region hit a crocodile

According to Interfax, the reptile crossed the road, and the driver of the car probably did not notice it. As a result, the crocodile died on the spot from its wounds.

“In the village of Tarasovka, Moscow Region, near the 52 house on Centralnaya Street, a crocodile moved, ” the press service of the regional department of the Russian Interior Ministry said.

Of course, even in conditions of global warming, crocodiles do not live on the latitude of Moscow - here it is too cold for them. Apparently, the animal was someone's pet, and then either escaped from the owners, or was thrown away by them.

Do not do that! - the crocodile, although toothy, is also alive, it differs from a cat or dog in the first place in that mammals have a chance to survive the Central Russian winter in the cold, and a tropical reptile does not have such an opportunity at all.


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