Michael Schumacher will be treated with stem cells


The famous driver suffered a serious head injury in 2013 while skiing. Since 2014, Michael has been conscious, but there is no detailed official information on the state of Schumacher's health, since the family does not want to spread about this. But in September 2019, the celebrated pilot was transported from Switzerland to the department of cardiovascular surgery of the Georges Pompidou hospital in Paris in an atmosphere of strict secrecy, according to Le Parisien.

According to reports, the Germans are waiting for a course of stem cell injections, which will be carried out under the supervision of cardiac surgeon Philip Menache. The professor is known for using cell therapy techniques to treat heart disease, although a similar technique is still considered experimental.

As Cardiologist Asim Malhotra told The Daily Mail, using stem cells is unlikely to help with the serious brain injuries that Schumacher has. Most likely, in this way, doctors intend to solve problems with the cardiovascular system, which are often the result of traumatic brain injuries. Doctors themselves call Michael's hospitalization planned as part of the ongoing treatment, but they refuse details.

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