Meat Drinks Coming Soon

Peter Klassen worked tirelessly for a recipe for meat for three long years, and German chef Stefan Kimmel and his son Philip helped him in this. The liquid meat recipe is not a secret - for this a piece of meat must be fried with vegetables, and then boiled in broth.

The mixture thus obtained is ground and kneaded to a cocoa consistency. Then the meat drink is bottled and sterilized. Liquid meat, according to Klassen, can easily be stored chilled for 12 months.

The drink will be presented in three flavors: Bombay Beef, Steak and Royal Chicken. The butcher has already agreed with distributors on deliveries to France, Belgium and Luxembourg. This fall, liquid meat will appear on shelves in Germany.

According to Peter, his meat drinks are of genuine interest. He believes the product is very promising and confident in its deafening market success. Liquid meat will be especially important as a quick and nutritious snack for people who have no time to fully dine.

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