MAZ: unusual cars of the Minsk Automobile Plant

1958, MAZ-532. Experienced terrain vehicle. The main "trick" of the design was that in a couple of hours the machine was completely converted, if necessary, into an artillery tractor.

1954, MAZ-525 HTTU. The first and only career trolley carriage! The car is converted from a serial dump truck MAZ-525. Several such trolley cars were made, but in operation they did not justify themselves.

1957, MAZ-530. The second “Mazovskiy” mining dump truck after the 525th, the first Soviet three-axle car of this type. Its production was subsequently transferred to BelAZ, which marked the beginning of the legendary factory in Zhodino.

1958, experienced MAZ-500. The first sample of a capless MAZ. A series with a different cab went into the series.

1962, another experimental MAZ-500. Design experiments are still ongoing.

1972, MAZ-520. Experienced 6x2 truck tractor.

1983, MAZ-7904. An experimental six-axle special chassis with a lifting capacity of 200 tons was built in a single copy to work on Baikonur. According to the good Russian tradition, it rusted in a hangar, and in 2010 it was mercilessly cut into scrap metal.

1965, MAZ-510. The car was created in connection with the estimated metal savings, reduced glazing area, improved visibility and access to the engine. But the savings did not work, the car turned out to be small and uncomfortable, and the bare right side of the tipper body significantly increased aerodynamic drag and fuel consumption.

1985, MAZ-7907. 12-axle vehicle for the Tselina-2 mobile soil intercontinental missile system. Due to the cessation of work on the competition, both tested copies remained “out of work”. Currently, one complete machine has been assembled from their parts, which is being restored for installation in the museum of the MZKT plant.

1988, MAZ-2000 "Perestroika". The first attempt in the USSR to create a modular main tractor. It was possible to attach an unlimited number of semitrailers equipped with their own engines to one cabin with a power unit. Two cars were built, one cut into metal, the second restored and installed in front of the entrance of the MAZ plant.

1956, the airfield tractor MAZ-541, apparently the most beautiful car in the world of this class. Three 28-ton cars were made (do not be fooled by the “passenger” appearance), but not one has survived to this day, although they worked at the airport for about 10 years.

1959, MAZ-1500. One of the most advanced racing cars of its time, designed using solutions from the Mercedes Benz 300SLR, built in two copies. He did not show himself in the USSR championship; he sank into oblivion.

2010 year, MAZ-5309RR. In the early 2010s, the MAZ plant decided to enter the international sports arena and for the first time in its history built a truck for the Dakar rally-raid. The team is progressing: in 2015 MAZ first entered the "top ten" of truck classification.

Moreover, subsequently MAZ gave rise to several other plants - for example, BelAZ, because the production of mining trucks, originally based specifically on MAZ, moved to Zhodino. The Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant (MZKT) also appeared, "budding" from MAZ already in the 1990s. The Mogilev Automobile Plant (MoAZ) also appeared, the reprofiling of which to create its own cars was due to the transfer of part of the production from Minsk.

In general, MAZ is a truly cult plant. And like every cult plant, at different times it was marked by quite interesting technological ideas.


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