Master class: do-it-yourself luminous table

For the manufacture of a luminous table, Mike took cypress boards, epoxy resin and photoluminescent powder. Cypress, as a rule, suffers from a tree fungus, which leads to the formation of holes in it. Such areas can be easily removed with a hand tool and compressed air (naturally, any tree with a similar structure and exposed to bark beetles can be used).

After assembly, the table must be dried and a luminous resin prepared, which then fills the holes from the fungus. The resin must be mixed with a photoluminescent powder, choosing the desired color and achieving the necessary brightness with the desired proportion of resin and powder.

Then with epoxy all the holes in the wood of the table are gently filled, as if with putty. After drying, the table will need sunlight to charge the photoluminescent resin. It remains only to decide on a suitable place for the table in the interior and you can invite guests to impress!

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