March 8, or the day the maker of the dishwasher was born

By the way, last year we talked about Raymond de Laroche, who on March 8, 1910 became the first woman aviator in history.

Josephine Garis was born March 8, 1839 in Ohio. She was the daughter of John Garis, an engineer and inventor - in particular, John was the holder of a patent for one of the varieties of a steam boat. At first, Josephine’s biography developed according to the usual “housewife” scenario. In 1858, she married William Cochrane, they had two children, and over time, William became a successful businessman.

In 1870, they bought a large mansion and began to organize dinner parties, after which there was a huge amount of dishes. After each evening, the servants somehow broke a couple of plates during washing, and Josephine began to look for some alternative to a dangerous hand wash. The second idea was to free from simple washing simple housewives who did not have the opportunity to hire housekeepers. Her saying is known: “If no one can make a dishwashing machine, well then, I will do it myself!”

Cochrane Home Version

Work dragged on for many years. Over time, William began to drink, got into debt and died very young, in 1883, from prolonged alcoholism, leaving the widow in debt. At this point, Josephine and her acquaintance engineer, George Butters, were already actively developing the dishwasher. They measured dozens of typical utensils - cups, mugs, spoons, plates, jugs, bottles and so on, and then designed a container box inside which holders were placed, similar to modern ones. The inventors calculated how water would circulate inside the machine along a rotating drum (the dishes remained motionless at the same time), but Butters installed an electric motor on the machine - the first prototype was ready.

Restaurant option Cochrane machine

On December 28, 1886, Josephine Cochrane and George Butters received a patent for their development, and at the famous World Exhibition in Chicago in 1893 their car received the Gold Medal! Immediately after that, numerous orders fell on Cochrane, mainly from restaurants. In 1897, Josephine founded the Garis-Cochran brand, butters became the chief designer of the company.

Josephine Cochrane died in her home in Chicago on August 14, 1913. In 2006, she was included in the National Inventors Hall of Fame.

Dear women! Today we want to wish you to be creative, inventive, persistent and not afraid to go towards your goal, as Josephine Cochrane did!


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