Magic wand: just a miracle

In the kit for the wand you can buy a candle in which a lamp is lit, ignited by the touch of a magic gadget

The kiss turns on the night timer: the candle will automatically go out after an hour

Remote control is either XI or XXI century

Perhaps reading books about Harry Potter, combined with the use of the Wii game console, prompted British designer Chris Barnardo to think completely brilliant. Recall that Wii was the first mass device that used the gestures of a wireless control panel with a built-in accelerometer to control the gameplay. In principle, such control was also known in magical antiquity: the sweep of a magic wand.

It was in the form of a magic wand that it was decided to implement a programmable remote control - and at first a set of instructions was developed and laid out for free access for anyone who wants to make this gadget with their own hands. More than a million downloads of the “Make Magic Wand” project convinced: you can enter the market. And a year later, in 2010, a magically attractive gadget, Kymera, appeared.

The usual infrared port allows you to transmit signals to the device from this excellent remote control - up to 13 gestures can be programmed with a total number of gestures. Say twist the stick clockwise to increase the volume, or in the opposite direction to decrease. In a word, everything is limited only by the number 13, your imagination and the capabilities of a controlled device.

For special gourmets, a ready-made set is also available for sale, including a magic wand and a candle working with it “paired” - in fact, a lamp that looks like an old candle in appearance. Not only a child, but also an adult will experience a real delight when, from a light touch of a wand in the room, it becomes light.

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