Lunar conspiracy as a test of aptitude: they were on the moon

Want to know better than a person? Ask him about landing on the moon. His answer will immediately determine whether to continue to communicate with him, to hire or sign a long-term contract. About why faith in a lunar conspiracy borders on insanity, says space specialist Vitaly Egorov.

The point here, in fact, is not in the Americans and their attitude towards them. Although not, and in this too. We admit that now in Russian society the attitude towards America is negative, many are not satisfied with their foreign policy, technological superiority, or some other details. But today's attitude of a person towards someone or something is in no way capable of influencing the events of the past. And here is the first characteristic of a person: is his subjective view and preferences capable of influencing an adequate perception of reality? Do you need a friend, partner or colleague who is building his own world in his imagination, where is he comfortable living? Yes, we all live in such worlds, but some still try not to break away from reality.

Landing on the Moon is a complex technical operation, requiring the efforts of tens of thousands of highly skilled professionals. This is a huge innovation and risk. And all the details of this mission are detailed in millions of pages of published documents, scientific publications, photos and videos. To understand the details of a flight to the moon and return back, it is required not only and not so much the space engineering competency, but the desire to find out how it was. How did they sit and take off? Where is the lunar soil now and who is studying it? What traces on the moon remained and how to see them? Can cosmic radiation harm people in flight? All questions have answers. But if a person continues to ask them, expecting or demanding answers from you, then this is also his characteristic: he is not ready to seek new knowledge, incapable or lazy in finding answers to questions that interest him, and he is quite satisfied with the first version of the answer that came up, if he just likes or matches his beliefs. When the space engineer asks such questions, then this is simply a recognition of his unsuitability for business, and, unfortunately, such people are now working at Roscosmos enterprises. Fortunately, there are only a few of them.

A lunar conspiracy is a big lie, a big fear and a lot of corruption. Thousands of people will be involved in faking the various stages of the mission. After all, it’s not enough to make a movie, you still have to hide a hundred-meter-long rocket somewhere after launch, collect a dummy of the landing ship, dig it out, and then tear off kilometers of the “lunar” surface without a trace. Well, these are Americans, everyone knows how they can make movies, love money and are able to tell stories about Saddam's weapons of mass destruction. But the lunar conspiracy requires the involvement of a much larger circle of people from other countries.

How about the specialists who provided the flights of the Vostoks, Voskhodov, and Soyuz, built an H1 super rocket, drove the Lunokhods on the Moon? They did not doubt the reliability of the landing and tell how they closely followed the American lunar program. So are they idiots or liars? Could they be deceived by the Hollywood craft that schoolchildren are now exposing with Photoshop, or have they for some reason joined the biggest lie in the history of mankind? What about European, Soviet and Russian, Japanese and Indian scientists who studied the lunar soil, launched satellites to the moon and did not see any signs of fake? Did they sell out or were they intimidated so much that they agreed to lie and sacrifice all their scientific authority?

Or could it be easier: there was a real landing, our specialists congratulated the competitors on a worthy victory, and cosmonauts, astronauts and scientists from all over the world continued to study space and the moon together? And only a believer in a conspiracy is ready to admit that the most worthy representatives of humanity are corrupt and / or cowardly liars. What, then, does he think of those around him in everyday life, including you?

Flight to the moon is the most outstanding achievement of mankind. Unattainable peak of science and technology of the entire civilization of the Earth. Without Mendeleev, fuel would not have flared up, without Kepler, an orbit would not have passed, without Pythagoras a drawing of a ship and a rocket would not have appeared. This is our victory. Although the Americans left traces in the dust, without the flights of Gagarin and Leonov there would have been no steps of Armstrong and Cernan. It was a race, and it is impossible if someone runs alone. This is an achievement of those that is possible only through bold decisions, a high concentration of strength and will, faith in the person’s ability to create the impossible and make dreams come true. Denial or even doubt of landing on the moon is a voluntary rejection of all these qualities.


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