LuAZ: unusual models of the Lutsk Automobile Plant

1961, LuAZ-967. TPK, that is, the front-line transporter - an amphibian, the first, not yet civilian model of LuAZ. It was on its basis that non-military SUVs of the Lutsk Plant were developed.

1960, pre-production sample LuAZ-967.

1982, LuAZ-972. Unusual three-axle amphibious terrain.

1998, LuAZ-1901 "Geologist". Another amphibious of LuAZ’s development, an attempt to resuscitate a plant that had almost stopped by the end of the 90s. Eight copies were made.

1965, LuMZ-969V. The first prototype of the legendary SUV. In the picture, a car from a test batch of 50 copies, built after two cars assembled according to the documentation submitted from ZAZ, passed preliminary tests. The plant in those years was still called LuMZ (not “automobile”, but “machine-building”).

1999, LuAZ-1302-05 Foros. An interesting attempt to reanimate a classic SUV, a “beach” car with an Lombardini engine, designed for export. The car was made in a single copy and "lit up" at several auto shows.

1997, LuAZ-13021−08 "Ambulance". Experienced four-wheel drive medical vehicle for rural paramedic points. By the way, it could be a substitute for "loaves".

1990s, LuAZ-13021-07. LuAZ-13021−04 with an elongated body, fiberglass top and rear tailgate. Almost a hearse.

1979, LuAZ-2403 Aeroflot. Tractor for luggage trolleys and light aircraft based on the 969th. It was produced in small batches in series, the last cars were released in 1992.

1988 year, LuAZ-Proto. It was developed in the laboratory by NAMI by a group of designers led by Gennady Hainov. Could be a worthy replacement for the "classics", but the events of the 90s did not allow to realize the dream.

The repair plant in Lutsk appeared in 1951 and at first did everything in the world - both shower units, and fans, and stands for assembling tractor engines, and so on. And there GAZ was repaired and parts were made for them. Since 1959, trailers and refrigerators began to be developed and manufactured in Lutsk, and in 1965, the ZAZ-969 all-terrain vehicle documentation was handed over to the plant. From that moment, the automotive history of LuAZ began. Today the plant is owned by Bogdan Corporation and is engaged in the assembly of buses and trolleybuses.


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