Long-horned saber-toothed: new portraits of the most toothy fish

Long-horned saber-toothed (Anoplogaster cornuta) : a cruel predator that can defeat an opponent by a third more than himself. Among all marine inhabitants, saber-toothed teeth have the longest teeth relative to the body. The most impressive are the two fangs of the lower jaw, which grow so long that two pockets develop in the fish’s brain as they grow, where the tips of these teeth fall when the saber-toothed closes its mouth.

Solvin Zankl / naturepl.com

German photographer Solvin Zankl shot 20-centimeter fish while diving near the island of Cape Verde. Zankle joined a scientific expedition to explore the depths of the Atlantic on the research vessel Maria S. Merian. Scientists took water samples and caught the inhabitants of the ocean at a depth of 15 to 1000 meters, and the photographer caught the successful angles of creatures caught by scientists, while they swam in special low-temperature aquariums.

Sabretooths are found at a depth of 500 to 5, 000 meters in equatorial waters. Despite their intimidating appearance, they are quite vulnerable: they are caught and eaten by larger predators, such as tuna and some perch-like fish. Therefore, saber-toothed use the dark colors of their skin to mask in low-lit depths.


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