LEGO Group presents 5 new sets designed for the LEGO Star Wars anniversary

Star Wars was the first franchise to use which the LEGO Group acquired, and since then LEGO Star Wars has not left the rating of the most popular LEGO sets. They allow fans, regardless of age and place of residence, together to enjoy an exciting design experience. Since the launch of the line, 700 different sets have been presented (including 1, 000 LEGO Star Wars minifigures), five video games, several television and online shows, and many other thematic products.

“For us, the LEGO and Star Wars designers are a dream collaboration. And we are incredibly lucky to be supported and inspired by new achievements by one of the most dedicated fan communities in the world. The 20th anniversary marks an important milestone in the history of the line, and we would like to devote our success to our loyal fans, who for two decades have been recreating the history of Star Wars, raffle events, fight and go together in search of adventure in the LEGO Star Wars universe . 20 years later, strength is still with us, and there is still much more to look forward to, ”says Jens Kronwold Frederiksen, LEGO Star Wars Senior Designer.

The LEGO Star Wars range was first unveiled at the New York International Toy Fair in February 1999 and is still admired by fans. In total, 13 sets were released in a year - an amazing number! - as well as a kit for creating robots of varying complexity LEGO MINDSTORMS. In subsequent years, the lineup was replenished with many hits, including the first version of the Chewbacca minifigure, which in itself caused a triumph thanks to the revolutionary design. The development team had the idea to make Chewbacca's head in such a way that the hair covered the front and back of the torso - later this find was repeatedly used to create LEGO minifigures.

“The models that are created in collaboration with the LEGO Group are still very popular, because they allow you to explore the Star Wars galaxy in a very unusual way. Whether it’s the enthusiastic design of the Millennium Falcon, which will show off on the shelf, or the recreation of battles using the LEGO Star Wars models - this line helps us interact with fans of all ages, who are fascinated by the Star Wars universe just like us, ”notes Derek Stotard, Vice President, Licensing, Lucasfilm.

On April 1, specially for the 20th anniversary of the LEGO Group lineup, it released five sets that included the legendary spaceships and exclusive minifigures reminiscent of the history of LEGO Star Wars. The novelties of the series recreate some of the legendary, most popular sets presented over the past 20 years, and are united by a common theme. The LEGO Group provides Star Wars fans with the opportunity to create their own elements of the universe, play their favorite stories and “revive” the characters: from Wookiees and Ewoks to Princess Leia and Han Solo. Thus, fans will enjoy even more intergalactic adventures.


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