Legendary Motorola RAZR preparing to revive in the form of a folding smartphone

Motorola RAZR V3i

According to WSJ, under the Motorola brand RAZR plan to release a new smartphone. Moreover, as reported, the new RAZR will be a folding smartphone and may be introduced in February; the price of the device, according to the publication, will be about 1, 500 dollars.

According to WSJ, the upcoming RAZR will be exclusive to the US Verizon operator. It is indicated that the device is currently at the testing stage. In this case, any technical details about the new items have not yet been disclosed. It is only noted that it will be a folding smartphone - with a folding screen (like the Samsung prototype presented at the end of last year). According to WSJ, Lenovo expects to produce more than 200, 000 new RAZRs - which, in principle, is a lot for the premium model.

The first smartphone of the original RAZR series was introduced by Motorola in the summer of 2004. As you know, the company sold about 130 million RAZR V3 phones. An earlier attempt was made to revive the RAZR - in the form of Android-smartphones in 2011-2012.

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