Lasers, Wi-Fi jammers, brass knuckles: what you can and cannot buy on AliExpress



On AliExpress you can buy hunting and toy slingshots that shoot with darts or metal or plastic balls (shells can be bought right there). Some models look quite powerful - they have forearm stops, pistol grips and counterweights. But regardless of the design, no permissions are needed: unlike bows and crossbows, which can sometimes be considered throwing weapons, slingshots in the Russian Federation can be sold and bought freely.

Brass knuckles

not allowed

According to the Federal Law “On Weapons”, edged weapons are “weapons intended to hit a target using the muscular strength of a person in direct contact with the target”, and objects of “impact-crushing action” also belong to it. Therefore, brass knuckles is quite a cold weapon, although it may not have a cutting edge. Serious problems with the law can be obtained for selling, storing, donating brass knuckles - up to imprisonment for up to two years. Therefore, all 70 reviews of this spiked brass knuckles with AliExpress were written by buyers from Europe and the USA.


some can

It is better to be more careful with knives - the wording in Russian legislation allows for various interpretations, and there are cases when sharp toys bought from Chinese online retailers are found in criminal case materials on the sale of cold steel. Such a small “butterfly training knife” (auto-translation is still the best reason to go on AliExpress) does not reach 9 centimeters at all - and this is the border after which the butterfly (blade weapon, blades and blades of which is advanced due to gravity or accelerated movement and automatically fixed) is considered a cold weapon.


with caution and formalities

Radio wave suppressors are pretty dark devices. They are not in great demand among citizens, the main buyers are companies that monitor confidentiality, research institutions and hospitals (there extraneous radio signals can interfere with the equipment), the state (jammers are placed in the halls for important negotiations and where people are forbidden to use phones and Internet - for example, in prisons). In Russian legislation there are no restrictions on the sale and storage of such devices - buy at least ten pieces, but it is better to use with caution. Firstly, the device cannot be used without permission from the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Communications, and to receive it you need to collect an impressive stack of documents, including technical documentation for the device indicating the frequency range. The seller with AliExpress may not provide such securities - he may simply not have them; often the radio components with Ali are assembled on the knee by a talented Chinese according to the instructions from GitHub (we are almost sure that this is just the screenshot). Secondly, you are legally responsible for the consequences of the operation of your device: if a drone falls on someone’s head or the device breaks down in the hospital, the one who suppressed the signal will be to blame.

Laser Pointers

possible with caution

A powerful laser pointer - it doesn’t matter, an LED or a solid-state laser - is a rather dangerous thing: you don’t have to shine even with those sold in stalls, not to mention this 5 mW gun (8 mW is written in capital letters, but this is unlikely). There are no problems at customs, no permissions - but remember that Russia has a law (Article 213 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) on criminal liability for hooliganism in transport, including hooliganism with lasers. Do not shine on airplanes, trains, or other vehicles.

Body armor


There are a lot of worrying questions from CIS citizens on the Internet - is it possible to buy and wear bulletproof vests, is their circulation limited? The word "special tool", which is often found in documents of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, is misleading to many. Everything is in order: you can protect yourself even with Kevlar, though (as in the screenshot) with high molecular weight polyethylene.

Telescopic batons

not allowed

According to Russian law, a telescopic baton is a cold weapon. True, those that are sold in Russia sometimes have certificates of conformity indicating the household purpose of these items as structurally similar to weapons products. Usually these are batons made of light and not very durable materials. It is unlikely that the Chinese manufacturer will have such a certificate, so the purchase will most likely not be passed through the border. If, however, the premise reaches it, there will be more nerves from it than good: if you use it for self-defense, the presence of your baton will become an aggravating circumstance, and if it is simply taken away from you, you will be fined.


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