The largest crocodile

Cassius was recognized as the largest captive crocodile in 2013 (5.48 m). The champion weighs about a ton (998 kg). He was caught in 2011 in Australia. At the moment, the animal is about 100 years old. His full name is Cassius Clay. It was named after the famous boxer Mohammed Ali (née Cassius Marcellus Clay).

The title of the largest crocodile Cassius received after the death of the previous record holder - the crocodile Lolong, which reached a length of 6.17 meters. Lolong also belonged to the species Crocodylus porosus. Its representatives can live more than 100 years, grow up to 7 meters and weigh more than a ton.

The largest among all living crocodiles is considered the species Sarcosuchus imperator. Individuals of this species lived in Africa 110 years ago. The last fossilized remains were found in the Sahara desert. Scientists suggest that for 50-60 years crocodiles managed to grow up to 11-12 meters in length and gain up to 8 tons of weight.

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