A large fault formed by a powerful earthquake was removed from space

Ridgecrest Earthquake before (4th July) & after (6th July) images from Doves, clearly showing surface rupture. Thx @rsimmon @PlanetLabs @USGS RT @USGSBigQuakes Prelim M7.1 Earthquake 35.767, -117.605 Jul-06 03:19 UTC, updates //t.co/waWvmvQZ88 pic.twitter.com/cUNxdMazum

- Will Marshall (@ Will4Planet) July 7, 2019

July 5, California was shocked by a powerful earthquake - magnitude 7.1. It followed another earthquake, magnitude 6.4, a day earlier. The tiny Dove satellites of the American company Planet managed to photograph a large fault created by the earthquakes from space. It is located near the city of Ridgecrest, about 200 kilometers northeast of Los Angeles.

This photo was taken on 178 SW of Trona. The road is now closed for repairs. pic.twitter.com/TOuf6XlwgJ

- USGS (@USGS) July 6, 2019

The July 4 earthquake was the most powerful in the past about 20 years in Southern California. The fact that after the region was shaken by an even more powerful earthquake is unusual: according to scientists, the likelihood of such an event is only five percent.


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