“KSI-2017 Megadrain”: how is the $ 1.5 million intelligence contest going

Last weekend in the suburbs there was an offline event "Megadruzhin", organized as part of the Creative Intelligence Competition (CSI), which we already talked about. One hundred successful CSI participants were introduced to the strategic partners of the Competition; The participants were representatives of Yota, Ecotel, Real Estate Hospitality and CBOSS. The meetings quickly turned into interviews: participants selected companies and interviews were held with their representatives. Actually, for the sake of this, everything was started: the CSI is carried out just to ensure that companies that need new smart personnel and capable people who need interesting work find each other.

CSI creator Andrei Morozov about the origins and concept of CSI:

The idea to hold a contest arose about ten years ago. The impetus was the imperfection of the recruiting system - the total subjectivity of personnel practices does not allow us to correctly evaluate the candidate. Last season CSI was more of a study, a test of the concept. The CSI new season is in full swing - this time with the participation of serious Strategic Partners and a large scale.

The tasks of the Competition are developed by a team of scientists of both technical and psychological areas, including German ones. All tasks are aimed at identifying people with intellectual abilities. Everyone over 18 years of age who is willing to spend their time on the performance of his tasks is allowed to participate in the Competition.

CSI strategic partners at Megadruzhina-2017

This year, large companies became partners of the Competition. This made it possible not only to increase the prize pool to $ 1.5 million, but also to fully fund the Megadruzhina entertainment program: there were helicopter flights, horse-drawn carriage rides, bumperball, paintball and much more. There were some surprises: during the banquet, one of the participants in the CSI made an offer to his girlfriend, who also participated in the Contest.

Each season, Andrey Morozov traditionally rides the participants in a helicopter.

Financial Director of Real Estate Hospitality Sergey:

“We have many of our own assets, but there are really not enough good managers - smart people who do not want to stop there and are ready to learn and develop. Therefore, we became partners of the Competition and hope to find here those who can become part of the Real Estate Hospitality management team and help businesses grow, open up new directions and increase the efficiency of existing ones. ” Ecotel HR Director Fabian supported the colleague:

“As European partners, we are proud to be part of the Creative Intelligence Competition. We are constantly looking for people with great potential around the world. Therefore, we will be happy to invite participants to Ecotel if they are interested in working in our company, will be able to understand the specifics of our business and are ready to come to the country.

I share the idea of ​​the Competition to look for talented people regardless of who they are, where they come from, or what they used to do, ” Fabian said.

Ecotel HR Director Fabian Britbach

History of success

Last season, CSI, Sergey took the first place in the Ukraine region, then a 3rd year student of the Faculty of Economics, and now he is a graduate student at the Moscow Institute of Management and financial director of Real Estate Hospitality. “After participating in the competition, my life has changed dramatically. I got an interesting job, and I moved to a comfortable corporate apartment in Moscow with my girlfriend (who was also hired through the CSI), ”he says. Victory in the competition, according to Sergey, went to him without any problems; even the most difficult tasks were so interesting that it was easy to work on them.

The young man moved up the career ladder swiftly: for three months - and he is the deputy financial director, another year - and Sergey headed the financial service. In his case, the CSI worked as the creators of the contest expected: he allowed an intelligent and hardworking person to quickly go through the stages of career development that usually take years.

However, even to those who do not win the competition - after all, everyone cannot be winners! - CSI helps to earn and improve life. By inviting friends to participate in the contest, you can become a curator and get a decent fee for this. Sergey advises using the opportunities offered by the CSI.

Julia, a participant in the "Megadruzhina" this season:

“I study and work, and now it's time to think about who I want to become. I will continue to participate in the competition, and perhaps in the future someone will want to see me in their company. Of the presented companies, I like Yota the most. ”

You can register for the competition on the official website of the CSI until January 10, 2018.


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