Kress 200CIII Coal Hauler: the most unusual coal dump truck

The Kress 200CIII Coal Hauler is a bit of a wheeled coal mill. Due to its relatively low landing and fairings, it is the fastest of its class dump trucks (up to 68 km / h), plus the ratio of its payload to its own weight is a record in the industry.

The giant is powered by a Cat 3516C HD engine with a capacity of 2100 hp, and its carrying capacity is 220 tons - and at the same time it does not seem awkward at all thanks to the original layout. Moreover, it can turn wheels by 85 degrees and thus turn around almost on the spot!

The main gain in the actual mass was obtained due to the original body structure, the rigidity of which is ensured by a complex system of calculated stiffeners, and not the wall thickness. This video best reflects the maneuverability and speed of the dump truck, where casual observers compete with a dump truck on their Jeep Rubicon.

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