KrAZ: unusual cars of the Kremenchug plant

The plant in Kremenchug was founded in 1945, but until the end of the 50s specialized in agricultural machinery. Only in 1959 did the first two KrAZ-222 trucks leave the factory gate.

Surprisingly, KrAZ is one of the few Soviet factories that not only survived all the turmoil of the 90s and 2000s, but also successfully produced a huge one - more than a hundred models! - the range of products in the military and civil sectors. We will look into the past and see what was unusual in KrAZ, plowing the vast expanses of the Soviet Union.

1959, KrAZ-222 Dnepr. The first production model of the plant. There is nothing unusual in it, but we decided to start the review with it - for the story. Because classic!

1961, DTU-10 diesel trolley carriage on the KrAZ-219 chassis. Built in a single copy by the Institute of UkrNIIproekt for the legendary trolleybus line Simferopol - Yalta.

1961, experimental KrAZ-250. In fact, the 250 model went into the series in a completely different design in 1978. This is the very first attempt to create a new family to replace the 222nd. Pay attention to the rounded all-metal cab.

1976, KrAZ-6434. The four-axis articulated monster did not get into the series.

1982, KrAZ CR-3120. Military development as part of the Discovery project. The letters "CR" mean "one-time drawing", that is, it is essentially a running layout. The car did not go into production due to the high cost and complexity of technical solutions.

1982, KrAZ CR-3130. Further development of the 3120 model. The main difference was the unification of units with the serial KrAZ-260, but also did not get into the 3130 series.

1989, KrAZ-7E6316 Siberia. The final chord of the Discovery project, work on the family ceased with the collapse of the USSR in 1991. It is nice that one copy of this model has been preserved, has been restored and is located in the automobile museum.

1967, BelAZ-256B. Do not be surprised that BelAZ is written. This is pure KrAZ water, which was made in Kremenchug, and from BelAZ there is only a nameplate. The fact is that in the countries of Africa the BelAZ brand was well known as a supplier of mining trucks, but nobody knew about KrAZ. Therefore, the 256th went for export to Africa under the brand name of the Zhodzina plant.

1986, KrAZ 256B1−030. A car in a hurry created to work in the zone of radioactive contamination. Instead of a cabin - a single lead capsule. A total of 18 such machines were made; upon completion of the liquidation of the Chernobyl accident, all were destroyed.

1967, KrAZ-E259B. Do you think this is the MAZ-500? Of course not. It’s just that from 1962 to 1967, when the first family of “Krazovo” beskapotniks was being developed, cabins of the Minsk Automobile Plant were used.

2014, let us conclude with a look at modern KrAZ products. The KrAZ Shrek One TC armored car is built on the basis of the KrAZ-5233 in accordance with MRAP standards.

2014, medical version of KrAZ Shrek One Amb.


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