Kicker: how to choose a table for table football

Kicker is a lot of fun. Both children and adults get mad pleasure from him, and his only real drawback is that it is impossible to break away. Even if there is a zombie apocalypse outside the window, and in the kitchen there is a mountain of unwashed utensils. Almost every European office has a kicker table, and at all breaks, employees crowd around it, playing or watching other people's battles.

So, what qualities should a regular home table have? Firstly, it should be inexpensive - a semi-professional table for 60K is absolutely not needed for an amateur game with children. Secondly, it should be easy to assemble, be stable enough and not too heavy at the same time.

Our old table died in a tragic way. We forgot to pick it up from the utility gatehouse when we moved from one room to another, and the gatehouse was demolished by a bulldozer. Somewhere there, among construction debris, the editorial kicker also died the death of the brave.

In general, we chose Stuttgart as the new time-eater, a table in the lower middle-price range - in terms of appearance and functionality, ideal for a gift for a child and at the same time for himself. The table was brought to us by the imerica company just a day later (yes, here we honestly praise their speed), and we again began to cut ourselves into a kicker.

Table length and height

There are several standards for kicker tables. If its length is less than 4 feet (121 cm), then this is a children's table, adults will not be able to play on it. For adults, the standards of 4.5 feet (140 cm) and 5 feet (152 cm) are more convenient, but it will not be very convenient for children at these tables. So if you need a universal table for an apartment, you can take 4 feet, 121 cm, as we did - there are people of different sizes in the editorial office. However, initially we wanted a 4.5-foot, it is also relatively versatile.

Technical Beauty: Imaginative Inventions

Buying tables for less than 10 thousand rubles is not worth it - most likely, they are of very poor quality. For a home, it is worth considering a range from ten to thirty thousand, although there is no upper limit. Just above this level, tables that are excessive at the amateur level begin. But if you have your own house or a large apartment with a huge living room, lots of friends or a strong desire to make your son a professional player - you can find a model and more serious. Fortunately, the choice is huge.

The main problem with universal tables is height. For example, Stuttgart with a height of 81 cm is ideal for people taller than 175 cm. But for me with my 184 cm it’s not very convenient - I have to hunch, straining my back. But, in principle, this can be solved by setting the table on an elevation (literally 10-15 centimeters are not enough). But both an adult and a child can really play behind him, which cannot be said about more serious tables with a height of more than 90 cm.

Anboxing and assembly

In principle, when buying a table, you can order the assembly with the hands of a specialist. But objectively speaking, this does not make sense. The kicker table resembles an IKEA cabinet. That is, it is a large flat box in which the numbered designer parts are neatly folded and a fairly clear step-by-step instruction for assembly. The only difference from the ikeevskaya one is less detail. That is, everything is combined in 5 steps (Ikea would have found 30 steps in this table). But problems still do not arise, I alone assembled the table in exactly 2 hours - from cutting the adhesive tape fastening the box to the first goal scored.

Anboxing The table is packed in a flat, convenient box in the IKEA style, all parts are wrapped in material that protects against damage, step-by-step instructions are included.

Halfway The table is half assembled. For now, there is enough screwdriver built into the multitool and a cutter to open bags with bolts.

Prefinal stage After fixing the legs, the table can be turned over. It remains to put in place the players (by the way, a rather long and tedious task, and most importantly - do not mix anything up).

Tools in the kit The kit includes a wrench and a hexagon - with their help, legs and a number of table elements are attached.

In the kit there is a hexagon and a wrench, all holes fit, everything is smooth and clear. To be honest, even a child can assemble.

Just note: professional expensive tables are most often not assembled in this way. Either a specialist is called, or the table is immediately delivered in assembled condition. In general, in different ways.

Game qualities

The disadvantages and advantages of Stuttgart are due to its purpose and low cost - in fact, this is the best that can be done in such a price and semantic range.

The first plus is the table is really stable and perfectly aligned. In our evenings, there are such battles in our office that portraits of great scientists are shaking on the walls, while the table stands rooted to the spot. Interestingly, the word “sustainability” appears in almost every Stuttgart description - and this is indeed true.

The second plus is good handles. This is where developers really “caught” the center between a child’s and an adult’s hand - it’s convenient for anyone to hold onto the rubber grip. True, the minus also hides right there - the rods “walk” in the nests somewhat, and therefore it is difficult to make professional shots with a sharp stop of the rotation of the rod after touching the ball. But, to be honest, such a blow is extremely difficult to do on almost any table that is not positioned as a Pro.

The view from behind the goalkeeper. Everyone is ready for a football battle.

Players On simpler tables, players are faceless boobs. Here they are humanlike, but for some reason they play with their eyes closed, as in a dream.

The end caps for the three players and the lone goalkeeper are the same. On the goalkeeper, the excess holes are closed with plugs.

Protection against blows From blows to the board, players are protected by a soft damper.

The players “sit” and work clearly, but we did not like the balls attached to the kit. The ball must have at least some coefficient of adhesion to the player’s legs - here the plastic surfaces simply slide one over the other, not allowing you to really fix the ball before hitting. We replaced the ball with a professional one, and the game immediately sparkled with new colors. So we recommend: when buying an amateur table, do not skimp on a couple of balls of a higher level - with a rough surface for better control.

Another bonus is that with all the stability, the table is light, 24 kg, that is, it is not difficult to move it alone from room to room and generally move it in any way possible. 80-100 kg professional tables here, of course, have a rest.

Noise and rage

The kicker has a real flaw - it is noisy. That is, you can’t play kicker at night when everyone is sleeping, or during working hours, when there are a lot of busy and busy people around. The ball factor also plays here - professional rough balls are much quieter than inexpensive plastic ones. In principle, it is possible to replace players with rubber ones, but this already eliminates a good price-quality ratio.

Handles Tenacious, comfortable for both children and adults.

The ball is not very successful, inexpensive and plastic. It is recommended to immediately replace with a more serious rough model.

Account A detail about which there is nothing to write about. Well, yes, the usual system with knuckles.

Anchorages On the outside of the sidewalls are outriggers. In principle, they are neat and not very noticeable, do not catch the eye at all if you do not take a closer look at it purposefully.

For the daytime game, the editorial office came up with a kind of kicker with a soft plush ball - quiet and fun. It even has a name, but we cannot give it here due to some lack of culture and the law of the Russian Federation on mass media. But life hacking is good: if you bought a table for children, and they beat balls day and night, not letting you sleep, toss them a soft ball. The pleasure is almost the same, but the speed and noise of the game are reduced.

As a result

So, if you want an inexpensive universal table for the whole family, then Stuttgart is just that. He does not pretend to be a professional approach and does not slide down to the level of a disposable toy. A normal table with its pros and cons.

Players in positions View through the hole for throwing the ball.

The field is Smooth, balanced, but not without dead zones, in particular in the very corners.

The table in the editorial board of Popular Mechanics is ready for the match!

Pluses - low cost - very good stability - an even high-quality field and well-balanced players; - high-quality comfortable handles; - simplicity and speed of assembly; - strong unbending bars; - nice appearance, the table looks in any interior; - low weight, ease of transportation.

Cons - the height is not optimal for an adult - if put on the floor, then a person's head can hurt over 180 cm; - backlash of rods in nests; - cheap plastic balls (should be replaced with rough ones); - mid-level goal - with strong impacts, the ball flies out through the opening of the fence to the outside; - There are dead zones in the corners.

Approved by the PM.

PS By the way, there are discounts at imerica on Stuttgart now. So if you have been planning to buy table football for a long time, stop procrastinating.

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