Jet engine fire jet: unique shots

Using a new camera developed by NASA, the whole world can now watch how a powerful jet stream escapes from the nozzle of a rocket engine. This incredible sight is reminiscent of shots from a science fiction film, and we are forced to admit that it looks very impressive:

Typically, cameras cannot properly capture something like a rocket “torch”. You can play around with the exposure settings to try to catch the shot you want, but trying to capture a stream of fire only obscures the rest of the image. Nevertheless, the new High Dynamic Range Stereo X (HiDyRS-X) project is able to record several slow motion exposures at the same time and independently combine them into one common video. This camera uses the same technology as photographers during night shooting, when several frames are combined into one stunning panorama.

So, for comparison, it looks like a photo taken with an ordinary camera:

According to a report by NASA researchers, during the tests of their project, they tried to turn on the camera remotely, but the power of the working engine was so great that it caused interference, so in the end I had to do it manually. Be that as it may, this is just a prototype. Scientists plan to make the next version, taking into account all the data collected, which will significantly increase the shooting efficiency and image quality. We look forward to when NASA will please us with another demonstration of the power of modern rocket systems!


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