Japan wants to build an underwater city by 2035

At the moment, it is planned that the city will accommodate about 5, 000 people: 4, 000 permanent residents and 1, 000 visitors. The purpose of its construction is the extraction of minerals from the bottom and the conduct of scientific research. Now, according to company representatives, the project cannot be implemented, but the technology will be pulled to the required level in 15 years. In total, the project will cost approximately $ 26 billion.

Most of the city will be located in a spherical structure with a diameter of 500 m called Blue Garden (Blue Garden), there will be placed all residential premises, recreation areas, restaurants, a research center and other necessary buildings, spread out over 75 floors. The sphere will be mounted on a spiral that goes along the bottom, it will act as an elevator that will help researchers go down to the bottom, as well as raise minerals and other objects. The depth will be about 3-4 kilometers.

Ocean Spiral, as conceived by Shimizu, will be completely autonomous - electricity will be extracted due to the difference in water temperature depending on depth, as well as due to underwater currents. All the necessary life support systems - air, water, and so on - will be provided with the received electricity, along with all equipment used. In addition, the “Earth Factory” will be used here, which will provide for the processing of carbon dioxide.

Shimizu Corporation explains the need to implement this project and the fact that the water level is constantly rising and in the future the appearance of similar cities will help solve the problem of resettlement of people. This is not the first ambitious project with an eye to the distant future, but its implementation can significantly affect society.


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