Italy will help make the 6th generation fighter

Italy officially joined the British project to develop a promising sixth generation fighter Tempest ("Storm"). Italian Defense Minister Gerini Lorenzo announced the signing of a partnership agreement under which the state will participate in the British program to create a six-generation multi-functional fighter. The UK Department of Defense noted that the protocol includes several bilateral obligations.

Among them are closer coordination of government actions regarding future modernization of the Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft, development of a dialogue within the framework of the Tempest project, development of a road map and identification of opportunities for integrating Eurofighter Typhoon advanced technologies into the Tempest, development of an innovative industrial structure for meeting the needs of a promising fighter program and launching experimental research.

For Tempest, Italy’s participation could be a turning point, as the UK is barely able to cope with such a complex and ambitious project as creating a sixth generation fighter alone. Meanwhile, France and Germany are busy developing another aviation system, known as the Future Combat Air System, which will be based on the fifth-generation European fighter Next Generation Fighter.


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