Iron Man Costume: Flying, Bulletproof, Real

To build a copy of the Iron Man costume, it was necessary to contact Marvel Studios for three-dimensional models from films, print them using an industrial 3D printer and ask for help from the creator of the most efficient jetpacks in the world: Richard Browning. He at his company Gravity Industries is developing full-fledged individual wearable systems for flying at low altitudes - jetpacks about which Popular Mechanics once wrote.

The details of the costume are made of titanium (by powder sintering), fiberglass and nylon, and their strength is such that a pistol shot from a distance of about 6 meters does not matter to the armor. It took only a month and a half of continuous work to print metal parts, but the result is worth all the cost: you can fly in a suit and not be afraid of small arms. The next step is an attempt to build Panjandrum - a project of the British wheel bomb with a rocket drive of the wheels of the Second World War.

Adam Savage is known to the general public as one of the host of the Mythbusters show, but his field of activity is much wider - he is an engineer, a popularizer of science, and a specialist in special effects. After the closing of the world famous show, Adam returned to Discovery with his own project - Savage Builds (puns from the name Savage - “wild”, as well as the words builds - simultaneously “buildings” or “buildings” and “builds”).


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