InSight probe sent the first image from the surface of Mars

NASA InSight Probe in Artistic Performance

The InSight probe launched by NASA on May 5 of this year yesterday successfully landed on the surface of Mars. The device landed in the northern hemisphere of the Red planet on the plain of Elysius. Here InSight will spend the next two years conducting research to obtain data on the internal structure and composition of Mars.

After landing, InSight photographed the Martian surface (despite the transparent cover that had not yet been removed from the camera to protect it from dust) and sent a picture to Earth.

NASA / JPL-Caltech

InSight, as you know, is built on the basis of the design of the Phoenix lander, which was engaged in research in the polar regions of the Red Planet. The new probe is equipped with two cameras and three instruments: a SEIS seismometer designed to study Mars tectonic activity, an HP3 apparatus that will be used to measure heat flux under the Martian surface, and a RISE instrument that will allow you to learn more, in particular, about the Martian core.


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