Hurricane Maria damaged Arecibo radio telescope


Puerto Rico, an island in the Caribbean, is experiencing difficult times. "Mary", another Atlantic hurricane of destructive power, flooded many areas, leaving residents without reliable communications and electricity.

At the same time, the elements also harmed the scientific community. It turned out that the Arecibo Observatory radio telescope also suffered from a hurricane. So, the radar antenna was broken, and its debris damaged the reflector bowl in several places. In addition, as noted, the 12-meter auxiliary reflector was damaged. Observatory officials say they should assess the damage at the moment to understand what kind of restoration work is needed and when Arecibo can continue to observe.

The Puerto Rican single aperture radio telescope with a diameter of 304 meters was considered the largest in the world. However, it was “overtaken” by FAST - a telescope with a diameter of 500 meters, launched in 2016 in China.

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