How to tie shoelaces: Master Class

About 20 years ago, Australian Ayan Figen came up with a super-fast and super-reliable way of tying shoelaces. Over the years, he has put a lot of effort into making the whole world aware of his original method. The logical step was the opening in 2000 of a website dedicated to the "Ayan node." The number of reviews was so great that Figen even decided to publish a book about shoelaces and how to tie them. The popularity of the resource can be judged even by the fact that google on the request "shoelaces" finds the Australian site first.

But, of course, Ayan Figen invented nothing new. The node that he proposed is one of the marine nodes known for many tens (or maybe hundreds) of years. He just found a new application. So we learn to tie the correct knot.

The article was published in the journal Popular Mechanics (No. 6, June 2004).


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