How an octopus changes color in a dream: a bewitching video

Do octopuses dream? For science, this is still a mystery. However, during sleep with the body of the octopus, amazing metamorphoses occur, which are simply impossible not to notice. His skin is constantly changing its color, and some scientists believe that this reaction occurs just as a result of dreams.

The skin of an amazing creation is decorated with many patterns that flow seamlessly into one another. The sleeping octopus changes color from pale gray to white, beige and even spotted, with a greenish-brown pattern.

Octopuses are universally recognized masters of disguise, able to merge with the seabed almost until they disappear. This helps them hide from predators or patiently sit in ambush, waiting for prey. Probably, changes in the skin color of the octopus in a dream also reflect the nature of his dreams - it can be hunting or, conversely, an attempt to hide from an imaginary threat.

In the video, marine biologist and professor at the University of the Pacific of Alaska, David Sheale, comments on a particular color change of the octopus at every single moment. “He sees a crab in a dream, and his skin changes color. A sharp darkening is a sign that the hunter has risen from the bottom. It seems that he managed to catch the prey, and now he just wants to enjoy it so that no one will notice, ”he explains.


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