How much does Lamborghini content cost?

This orange 2004 Lamborghini Murcielago, to date, has wound on a universal joint almost half a million kilometers - much more than any other supercar. Its first and only owner is the British Simon George, who from childhood dreamed of driving a Lambo.

Of course, the brand new Murcielago was not cheap - about 320 thousand dollars. George did not have such money, so he collected all his savings (about 50 thousand), and took the rest on credit at a local bank on the security of his real estate. The monthly payment was $ 4, 000.

After some time, the euphoria from owning a 580-horsepower supercar passed and the British faced a harsh reality. Simon realized that he had overestimated his financial capabilities and, in order to somehow stay afloat, rented his beloved Lamborghini to a rental agency that rolled customers with a breeze along the racetrack.

A couple of years later, George, along with a sponsored friend, opened his own rental agency called 6th Gear Experience and returned his orange Murcielago. But the car continued to work under a new sign - for five years, a supercar under the control of various drivers drove onto the track an average of 90 times a year.

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At the same time, the Briton continued to use the Lamborghini as an everyday car, driving about a thousand kilometers a week. In 2012, one client of the 6th Gear Experience lost control and crashed Murcielago. The recovery cost Simon $ 115 thousand and took four years. For example, each headlamp cost 7700 dollars!

But, of course, these were not all expenses. The average fuel consumption was 22 liters per 100 kilometers, which over 13 years of operation and 416 thousand kilometers ran into 162 thousand dollars. Due to the fact that Lamborghini was mercilessly operated on the race track, 84 sets of tires were worn out, which is another 95 thousand dollars.

The 6.2-liter V12 gasoline engine survived two major repairs during this time, which, together with the costs of routine maintenance, cost 64 thousand dollars. Finally, compulsory insurance amounted to 19 thousand dollars and almost 25 thousand - transport tax for 13 years.

It turns out that the cost of ownership of Lamborghini Murcielago for 13 years amounted to 480 thousand dollars! A kilometer of mileage, thus, cost the Briton an average of 1.15 dollars. And this is without taking into account the depreciation of the supercar, which during this time has lost about half the cost. If you add another 160 thousand here, you get at all 640 thousand dollars - exactly twice the cost of a car.

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