How to make a stone ax and other stone age technologies

In the first video, he shows the manufacture of a Celtic stone ax with an ax. As always on this Australian video channel, everything happens strictly according to the precepts of the ancestors, and in the process of work only those materials and tools are used that were available to people thousands of years ago.

It's time to think about food, because for the hunt we need completely different tools. In the next video, you can see the manufacture of the simplest sling from the bark. It is no less interesting to look at attempts to use it in practice: accurate throwing of stones requires serious preparation.

Neolithic distance hunting has become truly effective with the invention of the bow. Making it is much more complicated and requires more skill, but mastering well-aimed shooting is much easier.

You can hardly call the last movie Neolithic - it shows the oldest method for producing coal by burning wood under conditions of oxygen deficiency. Once this technology was an incredible high-tech and provided a major breakthrough, allowing the smelting of iron ore.


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