How to make a "snow globe" with your own hands

They started releasing "snow balls" in France in the 19th century, from there they penetrated into England, and in the 1920s crossed the ocean and gained incredible popularity in the USA. By the mid-twentieth century, this souvenir became one of the classic gifts for Christmas and New Year and often appeared in commercials and films.

The first balls were crystal and equipped with a durable ceramic stand. They were filled with water, and snow was created from sand or small pieces of porcelain. Subsequently, the glass and base became thinner and sleeker. Now snow is made entirely from plastic, and glycerin is added to the water.

To make a “snow globe” with your own hands you will need a jar with a tightly screwed lid, spangles or artificial snow, a couple of toys to choose from, plasticine, distilled water, glycerol solution and glue. On the lid we build the foundation for a toy from plasticine and carefully glue all the details.

In the meantime, we put in the bank the right amount of glycerin solution, add glitter or artificial snow, twist the lid and the “snow ball” is ready! Shake and enjoy the effect.


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