How to make gloves for touch screens yourself

There is nothing better than to impress relatives and friends with an original Christmas gift made by yourself. Such a thing, especially if it is useful, literally screams about how much you love a person. Today we will teach you how to make a seemingly simple, but literally irreplaceable thing in winter time: gloves that are recognized by the touch screen.

Capacitive screens of smartphones and similar devices use electricity to recognize finger touch. Your skin is capable of conducting electricity, and when a small portion of it touches the surface, it closes the circuit and generates a signal. Most textile materials, such as thick fabric and leather, practically do not conduct electricity, and therefore touching the screen with a finger in an ordinary glove does not produce any effect. To solve this problem, you should equip the phalange of the glove with a small accessory containing fragments of conductive elements.

Note: if you don’t know how or are afraid to work with a sewing needle, you can use products such as AnyGlove or Nanotips. Unfortunately, if you apply these fluids to the fingertips of the gloves and let them dry, along with the electrically conductive properties you will get completely discolored areas of the skin and tissue, which also peel off after several uses, so this is a very dubious method.

It will take no more than 10 minutes to make the seals. You will need ordinary leather gloves, a marker, a conductive thread or yarn (they are sold at needlework stores), a needle and some simple instructions.

1. First, find out which parts of your phalanges are in contact with the screen.

2. Mark these areas so that even when turned inside out, you can tell where these marks are.

3. Next, you have to sew a conductive thread on a small area of ​​the material covering the marked area. It is noteworthy that on the inside of the glove long fragments of threads should remain, to provide additional contact with the skin and increase the conductivity.

4. Wear a glove and test on your smartphone. In case the contact is unstable, try to leave longer threads inside. If everything is in order, then pack the gift in a beautiful box and present it with a beautiful New Year's wish. Voila!


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