How is the factory for the production of electric vehicles


In 2019, the premiere of the first ever Porsche production Taycan electric car. The release of new items has been established at the factory in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, where the iconic sports cars 356 and 911 appeared at one time.

Especially for the production of an electric vehicle, the assembly line scheme was changed, where unmanned conveyors are used instead of the traditional conveyor. This allows you to make the plant as flexible as possible for the production of a wide variety of vehicle modifications.

Electric car Porsche Taycan

The site in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen will be the site of assembly of not only the Porsche Taycan, but also the electric station wagon Porsche Cross Turismo. The plant created 1, 500 new jobs, and by 2022 the brand intends to invest more than € 6 billion in electric cars and their production.

In the meantime, you can see how the production of Porsche Taycan works - the brand has prepared a video that shows the entire assembly process of an electric car. From body welding to the final inspection of the finished machine.

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