How does the gyrocar look and ride

The advantage of a gyrocar is the ability to make a two-wheeled machine, which significantly reduces friction losses and allows you to develop the same speed with less power, and therefore with a lower weight of the structure and lower fuel consumption. So far this decision has not become in demand, but who knows what the future holds for us.

The Gyro-X is a single-seat gyrocar designed by enthusiast Louis Swinney under the brand name of his company Gyro Transport Systems. Gyro-X weighed 839 kg, reached a speed of 201 km / h, its engine had a power of 80 hp. The car was lost and was found again only in 2008, when it, in a terrible state, without a flywheel, was found in a garage by collector John Windsor, who later resold the Gyro-X to the Lane Motor Museum in Nashville (USA). The car has undergone restoration and, as you can easily see, drives perfectly.

You can read about this and other designs of gyrocars in our material three years ago.

Thanks for the YouTube user video 19Bozzy92.


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