How to clean tools from rust: 5 easy ways

Vinegar and lemon juice

The simplest “folk” rust remover is a mixture of vinegar and lemon juice. We mix them in equal proportions and apply to the rusty surface with a sponge or cotton swab (while avoiding contact with mucous and wound surfaces). After a couple of hours - it is important to ensure that the mixture does not dry out and periodically moisten the tool again - the rust will dissolve and it can be washed off with a stream of water and the surface cleaned to dry.

Baking soda

Alkaline paste also helps to cope with rust. To prepare it, simply pour a small amount of water into the soda powder so that a thick slurry forms, and then apply it on a rusty surface. Depending on the size and degree of corrosion, you will need to wait from half an hour to an hour and a half. If all the rust has not come off the first time, just repeat the procedure again.

New potatoes

Young potato tubers contain oxalic acid, which can be used to remove small spots of rust. It is enough just to cut the tuber in half, sprinkle it with salt (it will draw moisture into the cut, and also serve as a kind of abrasive). After that, it remains only to grate the stain or simply leave the potatoes on it for 15 minutes, then carefully wipe and dry the tool.


Many modern carbonated drinks and juices contain phosphoric acid, which copes well with rust. Everyone knows the common myth that you can give an old coin a shine by placing it in a glass with soda. Alas, in practice, a refreshing drink will not make your tools shine like new (you will have to resort to polishing for this), but it will actually relieve a small amount of dirt and rust.

Means for cleaning sinks and toilets

Alkaline components, which are rich in cleaning products for plumbing, perfectly cope with rust. Pour the detergent into a small container and lower the tool into it. After a couple of hours, there will be no trace of rust!


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